Alistair Kennedy

Alistair won his first photographic award in 1983 and it’s been a interesting ride since.

Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia, he has spent 35 years in hospitality, marketing and visual communications.

Alistair's images have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people across China, Hong Kong and Australia.

Recently on assignment in Hong Kong and China for 18 months, , Alistair’s visual and social media clients span retail, manufacturing, bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs and music festivals.

He began marketing via MySpace in 2006, Facebook in 2007 and Instagram soon thereafter, including administrating social media pages with over 100,000 followers.

A qualified lawyer, Alistair also specialises in town planning, liquor licence and small business consultancy.

He in the Founder and Curator of the Northside Food Hall, opening in High Street Preston, Autumn 2019.


Alex Clapp

Alex is a photographer, videographer, and website developer.

He holds a Degree in Digital Media and Photography

Since the launch of UberEats, he has photographed over 750 of Melbourne's most interesting cafes, bars and restaurants for the UberEats app and other marketing channels.

In 2017 Alex completed filming and editing a 6 part children's home cooking series in Hong Kong and Shenzhen together with a 60 recipe children's cookbook.

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